-- Please wear masks in check out areas

-- All transactions will occur outside and buildings will be closed

-- Sorry, no hay rack rides this year 

-- In the orchard please stay with your group and allow at least on open tree between your group and the next group.

--  The ground is uneven in the orchard.  Wear shoes with good ankle support and walk slowly and cautiously.

-- We may limit entry if the orchard becomes too crowded.


We know many of you are interested in pick-your-own apples.  We have struggled on how to manage this with a small crop due to a late freeze back in May and concerns for your safety because of the COVID 19 situation.  With that in mind, we are going have a limited pick-your-own season, and we are sorry to say we will not be offering hay-rack rides this season.  You can find information below on what you can expect this weekend.  Our September hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Thanks for your understanding in a difficult year


What You Can Expect This Weekend (Sept. 19 and 20th) On Our Farm:

Here is some information on apples you can pick this weekend.  We also have Belgian Mums available.  Please keep in mind the freeze we had back in May has limited this years apple crop.  You will not have to pay any admission or parking fees, so if you just want to come out and take a walk in the orchard that is fine with us.  We just ask that you follow our safety guideline and be mindful of others.  All are welcome!

Honeycrisp:  Most of these are already picked.

Cortland: This is an excellent cooking apple.  It has a pure white interior and is slow to brown after being sliced.  Many of these have superficial markings on their skin from the freeze in May.

Jonathan:  A tart apple good for eating or cooking.  Some of these are still left to pick, but you will need to use one of our "apple pickers" to reach them.

Golden Delicious:  Good for eating and cooking.  Still some nice ones left to pIck.


September Hours:  Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM

Pumpkins will be available later this month.  We will let you know on this page when they are available.  Thanks for your interest.

No admission or parking fees!

U-Pick Apple Pricing: 

Honeycrisp*   U-pick finished on Honeycrisp for the most part.

Other Varieties  $12.87 / Peck Bag

Other Varieties    $6.68 / Half Peck Bag 

​​Belgian Mums $8.82

--Sales Tax will be collected at the rate of 1% for apples and other produce and 7.75% for non food items.

-- Our apples are sold by the bag but if you are wondering 1 peck of apples weighs from 10 to 12 lbs. 

* Subject to availability